Helping you put privacy first
Checks is designed to scale with the needs of your business and offers privacy solutions for all.
Helpful tools to complete your Google Play Data safety section
  • Analysis of your app’s privacy policy, permissions, and network traffic to inform how you fill out the Google Play Data safety section
Helping you manage privacy compliance across your app portfolio
All Free features plus:
Compliance Monitoring Dashboard
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring of your public Android and iOS apps including GDPR, CCPA, and more
  • Get notified about upcoming compliance requirements and whether your app supports them
  • Set custom alerts if we detect changes that may impact your compliance status
  • Easy to understand recommendations
Data Monitoring
  • Enhanced understanding of your third party SDKs, permissions, and where your app is sharing data
  • Automated monitoring and alerts when your app’s data sharing behavior changes
Additional benefits
  • Privacy compliance analysis delivered through automated triangulation of your privacy policy, store listing, and app behavior data
  • Improved team communication around app data sharing, and faster identification of privacy issues through automated email notifications and automated scans
  • Up to 5 seats included
  • Reports generated up to 4 times per month
  • One-step setup with no integration required
Comprehensive data monitoring to help meet your bespoke privacy needs
All Premium features plus:
Reports tailored to your unique needs
  • Our most advanced & in-depth privacy checks for Android and iOS
  • Access to a dedicated expert review team that manually tests your app based on your specifications and desired frequency
  • Define custom testing flows to ensure priority areas of your app are being tested regularly
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis to identify privacy concerns raised in your public Google Play Store user reviews
Prioritize privacy at the code-level
  • Option to provide access to your app source code for a more comprehensive privacy analysis
  • Understand where your app requests Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Get notified if your app begins requesting new PII
  • Lines of code (LOC) evidence so you can quickly flag issues to your engineering team
Understand your backend data
  • Option to provide access to your backend data systems, such as Google Cloud, to obtain analysis of the data types your app is collecting
  • Set custom notifications for when your app begins collecting new data types
Portfolio Report
  • Executive-level summary of all of the apps in your portfolio
  • Drill down for a more detailed side-by-side comparisons of analyses performed on select apps from your portfolio
  • Easily manage dozens of apps from one simple dashboard
Additional benefits
  • Compliance monitoring for your pre-release Android and iOS apps
  • Unlimited seats included
  • Unlimited reports available on demand
  • VIP customer support
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