Introducing Checks
Checks is a new privacy platform for mobile app developers that helps create a safer digital ecosystem by simplifying the path to privacy compliance for development teams and the apps they’re building.
Discover an easier path to privacy compliance

Checks provides increased visibility into your app’s data collection and sharing behaviors, and highlights where there may be potential compliance issues under regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Actionable insights are available to all key stakeholders on your team; whether they’re developers, app portfolio managers, or legal counsel. The result is a cost-effective way to build privacy compliance, reduce legal and reputational risk, and enhance trust and security for end users.

Easy setup
Just log in with your Google account and let us know which app you’d like to monitor. There are no integrations or technical requirements.
Clear, actionable feedback
Potential issues are flagged and recommended steps are provided. You’ll also see context about the regulations and why they are important.
Help with app store compliance
Checks helps ensure you’re complying with app store policies, and offers a free tool to help you complete Google Play’s Data safety section.
See how Checks can help your team.
Simplifying privacy. Reducing risk.
Our vision is a safer digital ecosystem for all.

Helping developers balance the demands of creating delightful app experiences and honoring end users’ privacy rights forms the foundation of a safer digital ecosystem.

We believe every developer – no matter the stage or size of their company - deserves access to affordable, innovative tools and platforms that offer best practices and recommendations to meet today’s ever-changing regulatory demands.

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